Track Your Job in Realtime

CivilXL makes it easy for your Project Engineers and Field Engineers to keep you updated on daily work for all your projects. With a few taps on their tablet, they can keep you updated on quantities and progress.

More Work, Less Paper

With the click of a button, let CivilXL auto-generate weekly look-ahead schedules, daily reports, and monthly calendars. Now your engineers can do what they do best - engineering.

Streamline Your Activities

CivilXL uses proprietary functions built into the programming to automatically sort and organize your project. No more updating individual cells in spreadsheets - have CivilXl do the heavy lifting for you.

One Step Ahead. Your Project Dashboard.

The devil's in the details. Your project dashboard is designed to give you the tools needed to see every upcoming activity for the week in addition to a history of what you've accomplished for the month.

Your Contract. Automated.

You input the data; CivilXl does the rest. From auto-scheduling to auto-sorting, your project is completely searchable and accessable only to you and your team. Streamline quantity tracking, line item progress, and progress photos.

Pay Estimates. In One Click.

CivilXL was built for large-scale infrastructure jobs. The updates your engineers enter automatically generate Pay Estimates to track revenue. CivilXL was designed for minimum input and maximum output - do less paperwork and more field work.