CivilXL makes building your projects easier.

The simple yet robust application was born out of the frusration of managing infrastructure projects off spreadsheets. CivilXL streamlines the process of tracking quantities, daily work, and scheduling by hosting all the aspects of a construction project into one effective hub. All programming and coding is proprietary to this web app and authored by rmahd.

Roy has been coding for the last decade, creating simple applications and websites that have helped his engineering and other work. For the last 10 years, he has worked on heavy highway infrastructure projects in New York City and New Jersey. He currently runs over $60 million dollars of public infrastructure work and understands the hurdles that go into safely completing a profitable project. CivilXL was designed with those hurdles in mind and helps him run his day-to-day work. Roy is currently a Student Pilot learning how to fly airplanes and is also a certified Part 107 FAA Drone operator. When he's not building bridges, he enjoys shooting photography from his Cessna 172 or his drone around New Jersey.