A Better Way to Build Your Projects

CivilXL is a lightweight but powerful software designed for and by civil engineers.

Use our app to
  • Manage day-to-day tasks
  • Track your revenue
  • Generate Cost to Complete Reports
  • Auto-generate schedules
  • And so much more.
  • Made for Desktop

    So you can see your entire job in one dashboard.

    And Mobile

    So your engineers can update you from the field.

    Automated Pay Estimates.
    Bill With Ease.

    Have CivilXL figure out what to bill each pay cycle for you. Just select a start and finish date - that's it. CivilXL will tell you what line items to bill, your quantities to-date, and an export option to download your data to spreadsheets.

    Look-Ahead Schedules.
    A Fully Functional Gantt Chart.

    CivilXL automatically sorts through your project updates to differentiate between upcoming and completed work. Let the software generate Look-Ahead schedules for you with the tap of a button.

    Charts & Bottom Lines.
    Visualize Your Data.

    See your daily revenue with the click of a button. No more excel sheets and selecting cell ranges - get job budgets and projected revenue all in one app.

    Cost Forecasting.
    Capture Cost & Billings.

    CivilXL automatically generates a Cost to Complete worksheet based on your progress. Simple capture your cost-to-date and run a forecast. Gain total control over your project.

    Location Tagging.
    Map Out Your Project.

    Using the automatic geo-tagging feature built into CivilXL, you can track your work with precision. You can also tag every daily update with contract line items, tasks, and quantities for a complete picture of your job's progress.

    Daily Work Logs.
    Fully Documented Calendars.

    Let CivilXl automatically generate monthly calendars for you, so you can see all the work that's already happened and everything coming up all in one screen.